Coconut Hair Mist- for dry, frizzy and damaged hair

Coconut provides nourishment to hair root while strengthening them. It minimize hair fall and makes hair healthy effectively by penetrating into hair leaving them smooth and soft.

Coconut Hair spray - for dry, frizzy and damaged hair

The strengthening Coconut Oil helps combat dryness and damage, and prevents breakage. It acts as a natural barrier for hair to protect and strengthen so hair can grow long and healthy.

Here is a quick DIY hair mist to add shine to your hair while eliminating frizz and keeping your hair moisturized and conditioned through out the day.

You will need:

  • Coconut oil –  deep conditions hair
  • Lavender Oil – will not only make your hair smell good but also help in treating dandruff, dry and itchy scalp.
  • Distilled or filtered water or rose water
  • Few drops of vitamin e oil (optional)


  • Take a spray bottle and add in 2 tablespoon of melted coconut oil.
  • Add 3 drops of lander oil along with 1 cup of filtered water.
  • Shake well each time your use it and mist it all over your hair.
  • You can use the spray on dry or soon after shower, when your hair is slightly damp.
  • You just need very little to make your hair super shiny and repair any damage.

You can also use the coconut hair spray as a pre shampoo treatment  for hair growth or to protect your hair while swimming.

You can also try this DIY natural coconut milk leave in spray on conditioner to tame dry, frizzy hair and make your hair soft, shiny and smooth naturally.


34 Comments on Coconut Hair Mist- for dry, frizzy and damaged hair

  1. can i use almond oil instead of lavender oil

  2. Do you spray this on when your hair is wet or dry?

  3. How often should I spray this on my hair?

  4. Ok. Thank you! :)

  5. With the winters approaching, coconut oil tends to give me a bad case of dandruff. Can the bar of the oil be changed to say pure almond oil or olive oil? It gets pretty cold here in Delhi where I am..
    Also, I anyway have oily and thick hair, but with a lot of small flyaways. Will this solution hold any good for me?

    • Hey Deviika, yes you can use any other hair oils of your choice… and for flyaways try using a leave in conditioner… :) and also there are many tips on this website to get rid of dandruff…

  6. Sangeetha,
    Thank you forever for your prompt reply! I appreciate your attention!
    You guys are doing a fab job! Keep the great work up!
    Lots of love,

  7. Hello Sangeetha. Could you please tell me how to store this spritz? Would it be okay to leave it at room temperature? Thank you.

  8. I assume you use this for curly hair and /Or can u blow dry and flat iron?

  9. In my country it is cheaper to buy brand hair products than essential oils… :(

  10. Hi! I am Caucasian, and i was wondering if this would work on my hair . . . also, i have slightly wavy hair that grows at a decent pace, would lavender oil be good, or is there a better essential oil?

  11. Hey, I am having kind a oily scalp but my hair looks really damage and dry and I m also suffering from major hair fall so will it be useful ? And can I us it daily like after shampoo ? won’t it make my hair look oily ?

  12. Would fractionated oil work? below 76 degrees oil becomes solid.

  13. Can you use fractionated coconut oil instead of the solid coconut oil? Fractionated coconut oil is liquid and thought it might be easier to use because I have tried the solid and it gets all clumpy in the bottle and not sure if I am getting the full benefits.

  14. HI, can i use a plastic spray bottle or would the lavender eat through it?

  15. I tried this but my coconut oil turned soild after a few minutes and now it won’t work. :( it’s pretty cold in my house though. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Coconut oil will harden in temperatures over 76 degrees. To keep it from hardening, you can put your bottle in hot water
      or hold it in your hand until it melts again before spraying.
      * you can try keeping the jar or spray bottle in a bowl of warm water to liquify the oil
      or keep your bottle in the shower… :)
      * I have also read that whipped coconut oil doesn’t harden…
      * Also, try adding few drops of olive oil or jojoba oil to keep the coconut oil stay melted at room temperature.. I hope this helps

      or try using fractioned coconut oil

  16. Will it leave an oily residue?

  17. Do you have to use distilled water

  18. Thanks for the tip! I hope this will work. I absolutely love coconut oil thanks to its many benefits. :)

  19. Coconut oil tends to solidify in cold weather, I find if I’m going to put it in my hair after a shower I bring it in to the shower or bath and that melts the oil, after that I give it a good shake and use :)

  20. Coconut oil is better as an overnight treatment, so you can wash it out the next day. Coconut oil will make your hair very greasy.

  21. I recently saw a recipe for vegetable glycerin as a hair moisturizer. Will it cause hair breakage if used on relaxed hair/

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